CUBANELLE Sweet Pepper


Early variety (period from full germination to start technical ripeness of fruit 100 days). The plant high -60 cm. If you want to grow a sweet, mild pepper, try planting Cubanelle peppers in your garden. The Cubanelle pepper has a sweet taste with a little more heat than a bell pepper. Unlike bell peppers, which have thick walls, the cubanelle has thin walls, making it a great pick for frying or stuffing. The fruits of the plant are usually about 10-14 cm  long. The unripe pepper is yellow-green and turns orange, then red, as it ripens.Fruit weight 100-150 g, the wall thickness of 5 mm, taste good, the flavor is excellent. Trading yield 5 -7 kg/m


20 seeds-1.59 $

30 seeds-1.89 $


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