BOBRIK F1 Cucumber

10 seeds

Original Russian Cucumber Seeds(from Russian Seed Company „Gavrish“). Very precocious (42-45 days from germination to fruiting) parthenocarpic hybrid type of female flowering. Suitable for cultivation in the open field and greenhouses.  Planting seedlings in the ground in May - early June. Sowing directly into the soil - in mid-May. The fruit length 10-12 cm, weight 90-110 g, without bitterness, with firm flesh. It formed 4-6 fruits in the each leaf axils.  Fruits are dark green in color with light strips up to 1/3 of the fruit. The use of universal (salad, salting, pickling.  Yield of 5.5-7.0 kg per plant.

10 seeds- 1.69 $


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