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Blue tomatoes are tomatoes that have been bred to produce high levels of antocyans a pigment responsible for the blue and purple color of many fruits including blueberries, blackberries. Anthocyanin has been identified to possess antioxidant properties.

The Blue OSU  Tomato is a stunning new variety. An astonishing dark purple tomato coming from the breeding work of Jim Myers from Oregon State University (OSU).

Also called- Smurf Tomato, P20 Blue Tomato.  Green fruits turn gradually to dark purple when exposed to sunlight.  The bottom half of the ripe tomatoes then turns red. Medium size, round fruits, about 5 to 7 cm. Pinkish red flesh, with subtle, aromatic and fruity flavor. Not bland. Foliage turns purple under cold conditions.  The taste and quality is excellent. Makes for a great slicer and interesting conversation. OSU Blue Tomatoes mature in about 80-90 days and are an open pollinated tomato variety.

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